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CISTEM Marketing Pte Ltd, an Singapore incorporated company that has sole distribution and marketing rights for all Excel Dryer products throughout the Asia Region. It was established in Singapore to support and serve not only to new but also existing customer of Excel dryer Inc throughout in this Asia Region. Cistem has its in-house qualified electrician and technician to attend to its customers in an efficiency and speedy manner.

Our mission is to revolutionise washrooms through the world by providing our cutomers with a super fast, highly efficient and economical hand drying solution.

Our business philosophy is driven by the LOYALTY to build a long term relationship with any people we interact to succeed and sustain remarkably in the industry. The profitability of the company is not the only barometer that we use to measure success. We pride ourselves as a company with the distant vision for a long term growth and building up the relationship one small community at a time.